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The Importance of Good Hand Washing and Infection Control 

Jet air and warm air driers contaminate air in washrooms and may be unsuitable for use in healthcare settings. 
Bacteria propelled into the air and onto users and by-standers risks cross contamination between healthcare workers and general public. The peer reviewed study, performed by Prof. Mark Wilcox of the Leeds University and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trusts concludes that jet air and warm air hand driers have a greater potential to contaminate washrooms by spreading bacteria into the air and onto users and bystanders. The findings have significant implications for infection control health professionals and purchasing managers responsible for equipping hospital washrooms. 

Why Paper Towels are the smart choice for drying hands? 

Effective hand hygiene is crucial to minimize the spread of infections. Public washrooms, which serve many people each day, must offer a safe and effective method for hand drying. 
Single-use paper towels are the optimal choice. 
When compared to other hand drying methods, scientific studies and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend paper single use towels as the most hygienic choice. In fact, many healthcare authorities are stipulating that only paper towels be used as the method of hand drying in hospitals. 

Infection Control Systems 

Identity Roller Hand Towels 
Single sheet hand-towels for hand drying in high volume environments. Combats opportunistic infection as the user only comes in contact with the sheet they are using. 
• Single Sheet Dispensing Keeps Costs Under Control 
• Transparent Easy to See Consumption 
• Hygienic No touch - Cuts down the risk of cross contamination 
Each case 6 x 155 metres per roll Order Code: 861055 
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